Good information for you to know if you are feeling worried about the corona virus

When something serious happens, it is normal that children feel worried and have many questions. Here are some top tips which are good to know and that may help.


Feeling anxious is normal

It is not strange at all to feel anxious or scared when something serious happens that many adults are talking about. Perhaps, you don't know too much about what is actually happening, or you have  heard or seen some news or information online. You may even know someone who has become ill with the Coronavirus. It is important to remember that the Corona virus has become such big news because it is new and unusual, this also means that there are many adults who are working very hard to solve the problems that arise.

Talk to an adult

When unusual things happen, children often have thoughts about them. Understanding what is happening around can be difficult and tricky to figure out alone. Talk to a calm adult you know, who is good at listening to you. It could be a parent, teacher or relative. Ask them all your questions and tell them what you think and feel.  You can also get int touch with other adults you have confidence and feel safe withwho can provide support and answer questions.  For example you can call,email or chat with BRIS or the Jourhavande kompis from Röda korsets ungdomsförbund.

Don't believe all the rumours

It is good to remember that when serious things have happened, many rumours start spreading. As such  you shouldn’t believe in everything you hear or read about online - and be careful about what you write and share on social media. Do ask an adult who can help you find out what is true and not.

Do not forget that you can decide how much information you receive. It's okay to leave or ask others to stop, if adults or other children are talk about the Corona virus in a way that makes you feel worried or scared. It is certainly ok for you to choose not to watch news about the Corona virus on TV or the internet.

Here is what you can do

The Swedish Public Health Authority provides advice on what we should do to reduce the risk of the virus spreading as best as we can.

Most people who become infected with the virus become mildly ill, but there some people who become seriously ill or in some rare cases die. They belong to so-called risk groups. They are often the elderly or people who have existing illnesses: To help protect this group who are more sensitive to the virus here are some important tips to remember

  • Do not visit people who are elderly and sick, you can get in touch over the phone instead!
  • Wash your hands more often and for a longer time.  Always use soap and water and count to 30 while scrubbing your hands. If you do not have water and soap right then, you can use hand sanitisers.
  • When coughing and sneezing do so in a tissue (dispose of it immediately) or in the fold of your elbow. Remember not to sneeze or cough directly in your hands.
  • When you are unwell stay at home and rest until you are fully healthy again

Do activities you like which help keep you calm

If you are feeling worried, it is a good idea to keep doing your regular activities and routines that keep you happy and calm. Sometimes this can mean talking to friends, listening to music, watching movies, playing games. It is always a good idea to keep active and keep in contact with people who make you happy. Discuss with an adult to figure out what activities might work well for you right now!